Friday, April 28, 2006


Rules for Wallball
1. Wallball is played at Valley Elementary School in Bensalem, PA
2. Wallball is played by members of the Wham-o team
3. Any type of ball may be used. A rubber ball is preferred, with approximate size of a tennis ball.
4. The first player throws the ball against the wall
5. Whoever catches the ball gets the next turn to throw the ball against the wall
6. If the ball is caught after striking the wall, and before striking the ground, the catching player may throw the ball with the intent of hitting the thrower until the thrower runs up to the wall and touches it
7. If the ball touches the black pavement (street) before it is caught, the thrower scores a Wham-o which is attributed to him as an individual
8. If the ball is throws on to the roof, the game is over and the throwing player is the loser
9. The player with the most Wham-os at the end of the recess or lunch session is the winner
10. At the end of the recess or lunch session, all players reset their Wham-o total to zero

The Wham-o Team
1. The Wham-o team was established in 1978 by a group of 3rd grade students at Valley Elementary School in Bensalem, PA
2. The purpose of the Wham-o team is to play wallball during recess and lunch
3. The original Captain of the Wham-o team was Jason Goldman
4. The Captain of the Wham-o team has no official duties
5. Mike Berman was named Captain of the Wham-o team in 1979 when Jason Goldman moved to Michigan
6. Mike Berman was the only Captain of the Wham-o team to appoint a cabinet
7. The Wham-o team was disbanded in 1980 due to internal strife within the organization

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Five Things to Make You Happy

I saw a nice article that listed five things to give you a short-term "hit" of happiness.

1. Go out for a walk
2. Do something fun that you haven't done in a long time
3. Do something creative
4. Complete some minor chore that you've been avoiding
5. Get in contact with an old friend or acquaintance you haven't seen for a while


Went bowling last night for the first time without the kids since sometime in the late 90's. Christy and I rented shoes and used the alley balls.

After a 156 in the first game, I scored my best game ever, an even 200.

I decided going in to focus on two strategies that were slightly different than the few times I remember bowling from college - use a slightly lighter ball, and take a traditional 4-step approach. Seems to have worked.

I used to think tennis was the easiest sport, but now I am thinking it might be bowling. Imagine in golf, for example, an average duffer not playing for 7 years, borrowing someone else's clubs and then going out along with a rowdy group of teenagers and shooting 80. Could never happen. But this is the equivalent of my bowling experience.

After the game, one of the stoner kids in the next lane pulled me aside. "Um, sir, what does the screen say on it when you get four strikes in a row?"