Thursday, August 23, 2007

B*aut*f*l G*r*s

Just saw the video for the Sean Kingston summer anthem "Beautiful Girls" on MTV. They removed the word "suicidal" every time it appeared. It was the most idiotic thing I have seen in a long time. Half of the chorus was just empty space. If you haven't heard the song, just imagine listening to the song "Lola" where every use of the word "Lola" was edited out and you will get the idea.

I just found an article where the MTV spokesman said: ''Because we know [suicide] is an issue that so many members of our audience struggle with, we do not take any references to suicide lightly,'' a spokeswoman for MTV explained.

I saw another live performance on CBS where they made him change "suicidal" to "in denial".

It's a good thing Elvis isn't singing today in our reactionary culture. The lyrics to "Heartbreak Hotel" might be changed to "I get so lonely I could... sit quietly and read The Bible."