Saturday, January 25, 2014

Farmwell Station Basketball Coaches Primer

Congratulations!  You have volunteered to be a Coach in the 4th grade division of the Farmwell Station Basketball League in Ashburn, VA.  This article will detail all of the plays that will be run by the other teams, to help you prepare for every situation.

The opposing team will dribble down the court and call out one of the following plays:

“1” (Guard Keeper) - When this play is called, the Point Guard will briefly look up, as if he is contemplating a pass.  He will then dribble the ball to the hoop and attempt a lay-up.  Note to parent working the scoreboard: this is the only play that will result in any points, so be alert when this is called!

“2” (Pick) – In this play, the Forwards will line up incorrectly to set a pick.  The Guard will then dribble into the corner and step out of bounds.  The ball is awarded to the opposing team.

“5” (Pick and Roll) – The Forward will set a pick for the Guard, and then release toward the basket for an entry pass.  The Guard will dribble around until the Forward is called for a 3-second violation.  Ball is awarded to the opposing team.

“8” (Backup Involvement) – The Guard will pass the ball to the kid who never touches the ball.  The ball will sail through his hands.  He will then make a valiant effort to save the ball, knocking it out of bounds.  Ball is awarded to the opposing team.

“15” (Longshot) – The Guard passes the ball to the Shooting Guard who looks a lot like a girl.  Shooting Guard briefly pauses and then launches a 30-foot shot that he once made 18 months ago on the playground.  Ball bounces out of bounds and is awarded to opposing team.

“21” (Timeout) – The Guard dribbles into the corner and is trapped by two aggressive defenders.  Coach calls a time out and yells at the kids to pass more.  After the timeout… Guard passes to Forward, who passes to Center, who turns ball over to opposing Center and then is whistled for “Backcourt Defense”.  Ball is awarded to other team.

“25” (Game Winner) – Down one point with 10 seconds left, Coach draws up winning play featuring 3 quick passes to the Center waiting under the basket.  After play resumes… Point Guard dribbles to half court and launches shot at the buzzer.  Shot eventually rolls up to the basket, where it is picked up by the team arriving on the court to warm up for the next game.

Hopefully the above information will help you prepare your team for a fun and rewarding season!