Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Label Printing Workaround

This is going to sound obvious, but it will help someone.

I was trying to print some labels onto a sheet of Avery 8167 label paper using my HP Photosmart C6180 (C6100) all-in-one printer.  Every time I would get the error message "please remove the paper and reinsert it with the printable side facing down".  I tried changing the paper type, searched the internet for solutions, etc.  Nothing would make it print without that error.  It would spit my label paper back out.

Finally, I was able to print using this solution:
1. Print the labels on to plain paper
2. Load the label paper into the paper tray as I had done before
3. Make a copy of the plain paper printout using the printer's "Copy" function.  Although it won't "print" on to the label paper, it copies on to it just fine.

Problem solved.