Sunday, November 11, 2012

Great Country Farms Post-Halloween 2012

Sam decided not to go to the free Farmwell Basketball clinic, so everyone headed out to the "pumpkin patch" for a rare November trip at Great Country Farms.  Having been there twice in 2011, they were now familiar with the layout and activities.  It was a lovely warm afternoon, and the $5 post-Halloween coupon and small crowds made for a great day at the farm.

The activities Pete and Sam enjoyed this time around were the bounce pillow, feeding turkeys/pigs/goats/horses/ducks, rope maze, playing in the corn bin, giant chess, various slides, the "broken tractor race", hot dogs, pedal carts, rope swings, and Dad's impromptu event on the way out of hurling rocks at pumpkins.

They made the wise choice of skipping the "neverending hayride" this time.

The only downsides for the day (since it was after Halloween) were no live hillbilly music, no Haagen Dazs ice cream truck, they ran out of hot dogs, and there were no golf balls left for the mini-golf (which was probably a blessing in disguise, given the condition of the course).

Pete spent a few dollars on candy in the gift shop, and then it was time to head home with lots of good memories.