Friday, January 01, 2016

New Years Resolutions

2017: Try not to complain about things
2016: Have a positive attitude
2015: Put all tasks in task manager
2014: Do the things that you ought to do
2013: If you make a mistake, or almost make a mistake, immediately put a process in place that will prevent you from making the same mistake in the future
2012: If you agree to do something for someone, do it right away
2011: Hear everything that people say
2009: Make use of the things I have
2008: Be mindful of daily goals list every night
2007: Watch a maximum of one sporting event per week (week runs Sun-Sat). There are two exemptions: watching with others in a social setting, or watching while exercising.
2006: (1) Do not watch the 11:00 local news (2) Finish reading the Sunday paper by Tuesday night
2005: Never place anything in a location where it could cause a problem if left there
2004: Perform any activity immediately if it will take less than 1 minute

My daily goals (which I update every morning on
(1) 10 pushups
(2) Review Pete's school papers
(3) Be a good example for the kids at all times
(4) Perform one task on home "To Do" list
(5) post to petesammemories blog
(6) 20 min physical exercise
(7) Kids clean up all toys taken out that day
(8) Read two section of Washington Post
(9) Watch one saved item on DVR (if any)
(10) E-mail inbox completely to zero
(11) Review nightly list of discussion and small action items
(12) Chore on house clean-up list
(13) De-clutter one item
(14) Do not watch any sports on TV
(15) Be mindful of goals list before turning on computer
(16) Never turn on TV, other than to watch single a item on DVR

Retired resolutions:
(1) Maintain an even and calm temperament
(2) Think without deceit
(3) Tell the truth at all times
(4) Do right by others
(5) Temperance in food/drink
(6) Moderation in all things
(7) Tranquility


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