Tuesday, December 27, 2011

iTouch Free App Download Without Credit Card

I was setting up an Apple iTouch for my 7-year old son. I wanted to allow him to download free apps without a credit card. I created an Apple ID for him. But when trying to download a free app, the iTouch would insist that a credit card is required, even for a free app. There was no way to work around this.

Here is the solution I implemented for this:
1. Log in with my son's Apple ID
2. Enter my credit card information. This validated the account.
3. Download the free app
4. Connect the iTouch to the computer
5. In iTunes, log in to the Store with his Apple ID (select Store / Sign In)
6. Select Store / View My Account
7. Click "Edit" under Payment Type
8. Change Credit Card type to "None". The credit card information is deleted.

Now he can download free apps without a credit card.


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