Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Truth

I saw a car at a stoplight today. It was one of these cars that is completely covered with a fancy paint job as an advertisement. In this case it was for "The Truth" 730 AM; a local conservative talk radio station.

I found a number of amusing things about this, but first and foremost is the concept of opinion radio that calls itself "The Truth", as if all other radio stations are just intentionally spilling out lies. I also think that just "Truth" would be a more reasonable term to use than "The Truth". One common definition of Truth is consistency with regard to a certain standard. So implying that there is only one Truth seems absurd. There are many truths you can adhere to. And the other meaning of Truth means adhering to the facts, but can one radio station honestly claim that they are getting more accurate facts than another? And if so, what new fact-finding secret have they discovered, and why are they the only ones who have discovered it? And how have they managed to keep this true-fact finding process all to themselves?


At 4:09 AM, Blogger Md.Abdul Aziz said...

Definition is truth is that is real and well con-since supported.
Your story is very fine.

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