Monday, May 04, 2015

Skipping UAC Prompt for One Program

I have a program that I use a lot and it is in my Windowd "SendTo" menu. It became an annoyance when I switched to a new Windows 7 laptop, because the UAC control was prompting me every time I went to open the program.

I found a popular solution that uses the Task Scheduler, but that did not work in conjunction with the Windows "SendTo" menu.

I finally solved the problem by doing the following:

  1. Click Start and in the search box type "Local Security Policy" and run it
  2. expand the Local Policies tree, and click on the Security Options
  3. On the right-side look for "User Account Control: Behavior of the elevation prompt for administrators in Admin Approval Mode".
  4. Right-click on it and choose Properties. A dialog will appear
  5. In the middle of the dialog, click on that comboBox and choose "Elevate without prompting", click Apply and OK.


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