Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Skype Broken Sign-in on Mobile App

I have the Skype Mobile App running on my Samsung Galaxy S3 android phone. I have used it many times and did not having any issue until today.

Today when I launched the app, it asked me to sign in (which it generally does not do). So I assumed that maybe it ran an update that logged me out.

I signed in with my correct username and password and got the error message "Unable to sign in". It gave me an option to reset my password, but I did want to do this because it would break my Skype connection that I was presently using in my desktop clients.

I did the following to fix this issue:
1. Confirmed that my username/password were correct by going in a browser to and successfully logging in
2. On the phone, go to Settings / Application Manager / Skype
3. Click "Clear Data". I got a warning that it was going to delete every piece of data that I own in the universe. I clicked ok. In fact, it only deletes the cached Skype data on the mobile device. I can confirm that this did not delete any of my contacts or saved chat messages on the Skype server or in my other clients.
4. Launch Skype again and now I was able to successfully log in!

If this works for you, please leave a comment so it can be used by others who search for this same issue.



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