Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Fixing Blogger Issues

Here are a few issues I've had with Blogger, and how to fix them. I am posting this in case it might help others who have the same problem and search for a solution.

1. Images will not upload

Sometimes it seems like pictures will not upload. It just gives a red X where the picture should go. The first suggestion is to wait a while. Give it up to a minute, and sometimes the red X will all of a sudden be replaced by the picture. Next, try a different browser. Firefox seems to work much better than IE! Then try using URL instead of file name and upload the picture to a temporary URL such as on one of your other websites. Beyond that, just try it once a day. It seems like it starts working again usually after 2-3 days.

2. Message when accessing your blog "404 blog not found". Try logging in as the blog administrator, make a small change to something, and then republishing the blog. Also, try republishing the template. This usually seems to fix the problem.

3. Can't delete comments - Sometimes you don't have the little trash can for deleting comments. This is needed when spammers put unwanted comments on your blog. This is usually caused because Blogger doesn't know it is you. Try logging in again through the login page and then click View Blog to go to the blog (or navigate to it directly). Now you should be able to delete the comments.


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