Monday, December 24, 2007


The Sixty-one is a cool new website in the crowded streaming music genre.

The nice thing is that it has a very nice player, robust database, and is fun. The only downside is that it is a little more resource-intensive than some of the traditional sites like Pandora and Live365.

The unique thing about The 61 is that it combines successful elements from other types of sites:

- Points: Has a Yahoo!Answers type of points/level system.
- Free: Like Pandora, it plays free music. It isn't customized, but you can select genres.
- Rating: Like Digg, you can identify songs that you like. This is the key feature of the site.
- Investing: Like HSX, you can "invest" in songs you like and hope that others like them as well.

Despite the ambition of the above, in my trials it has been completely bug-free. So far I have invested in ("bumped") about 20 songs, and have about 1200 points:


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