Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Finding Music I Like

I think I might have finally found the killer music suggestion app I have been waiting for. I have been struggling over the last few years with how to find good recommendations for music that I will like. MusicPlasma is the best I had found before now. For example, of the groups in the below segment of the music universe, I like almost all of the ones from whom I have heard one or more full albums:

The only problem is (a) it only "recommends" artists, and not albums or songs, and (b) sometimes it seems to be way off. For example, it shows a very tight linkage between one of my favorite artists ever, Julee Cruise, and one that I do not like at all, The Cocteau Twins.

So now along comes ILike. This site lets you rapidly click on artists that you like, or plug in your whole iTunes library. Then it shows a list of users who have the closest match to your taste, and the other artists they like, albums in their collection, and songs that they are listening to. Voila - new music recommendations based on real live people!


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