Saturday, September 17, 2016

Word Up / Word Trek

Occasionally I am able to complete a flash game all the way through, or even a PC or console game. But rarely do I make it all the way through the levels for an app.

However, I did make it all the way through "Word Up" (renamed to Word Trek while I was working my way through it). Looking back, there are more levels than I thought - I counted 56 levels on "Earth", each with 30 puzzles, and then about 20 levels on "New World", each with 30 again. Which seems like about 2300 puzzles. Anyhow, nice to finish it and get a victory screen in an app:

One nice thing about this app is that as you advance it tells you what percentage of players have made it up to that level. Also, it would be difficult to cheat on this app, since the puzzles are in random order and also even if you know the words you still have to figure out how to arrange them.

Another good feature is that there is still a daily puzzle which only take a few minutes. You can continue to do this even if you have completed the app.


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