Saturday, March 24, 2007

Desktop Defense

I got hooked recently for a few nights on Desktop Defense. It may look a bit confusing initially, but it is actually very simple to learn and play, with just a few rules. I taught Pete how to play it in about 2 minutes, and he was able to make it all the way through all 49 of the levels of the "easy" version pretty much by himself. (Warning: it takes about 15 minutes for each full game.)

Here are the stages of Desktop Defense:
1. Beat the game on the Easy level.
2. Start playing the Normal level (because you can't post scores on "Easy").
3. Make it all the way through all 49 levels of Normal level. Post some scores.
4. See how far you can get on the Hard level.
5. Declare decisively that on the Hard level is impossible to get through all 49 levels. Quit the game.
6. Well, maybe if I try... Finally defeat Hard level.
7. Go back and try to complete Normal level without losing a single life.
8. Defeat Hard level without losing a single life.

(Note, I retired after conquering #7 above. I have a feeling that it might be possible to do #8, but no longer have the desire to put in any additional effort to do so.)

Here are my final scores if you want to try to beat them. I say "final" because after my brief de-tox I am not currently planning to ever play this game again.

You can add your scores to our group if you like, which you can see is called "poorneil".

One of the cool things about this game is that the guy just released the current version in March 2007, and 16 million people have already played it (as of March 23). I also saw that it was recently mentioned on


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