Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Republican Spin Machine

I saw a funny thing yesterday which I think gives some insight into why the jerky Republicans seem to keep beating the Democrats, despite their bungled war, budget deficits, wretched policies, etc.

It was one of those fake press conferences on C-SPAN. A Republican and democrat were at a podium speaking to a group of reporters during a break in the debate on Iraq.

First the Democrat talked for about 5 minutes. Something thoughtful about how we need to get out of Iraq, in a careful way, not immediately, but soon, etc.

Then the Republican stepped up to the podium.

Reporter: How would you characterize today’s debate?
Republican: Well, there are three proposals by the Democrats. So far we discussed “cut and run”. Next we’ll talk about “dartboard date”, and then we’ll hear about “cut and jog”.


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